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Your Local House Cleaning & Domestic Cleaning Professionals in Northamptonshire

In this day and age, we live busy lives and lack the energy and time to clean our homes regularly. We need to clean it weekly/fortnightly so that we live in a healthy environment. But no matter how much we try, our day-to-day house cleaning is usually not enough, making deep cleaning necessary once in a while, to get our healthy living spaces back.

Our Deep Clean Northampton team offers deep-clean services in Northampton and throughout Northamptonshire. We are a team of dedicated and experienced cleaners ready to come and deep clean your house. Whether you are a landlord who wants to let, sell or purchase a home, or a tenant interested in getting their security deposit back, our cleaning services are the best choice. We have attractive prices and impress our clients with our commitment, hard work, and results. Contact us today and let a team member answer any questions you may have. Receive an instant quote.

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    deep cleaning service NorthamptonDeep Cleaning

    We understand that your life is busy and you don't have time to stay on top of the cleaning. We can give your home a thorough cleaning. Our domestic cleaners scrub toilets, baths and sink, oven, fridge, beds, and everything else that needs a deep cleaning. We pay attention to the most minute details and use top-notch cleaning materials for our deep cleaning services.

    end of tenancy cleaning NorthamptonshireEnd of Tenancy Cleaning

    We can come and perform end of tenancy cleaning services at affordable prices. We have the cleaning equipment and experienced cleaners to provide you with all services you need to ensure a perfect handover to your landlord. We know moving out of a rented house is stressful, and we are ready to help. We take the cleaning task out of your mind so that you can take your refund back.

    one off clean serviceOne off Cleaning

    Even if you clean regularly, you still need to hire professionals from time to time for the best cleaning results. We are qualified one off cleaners with relevant experience in domestic cleaning jobs. After renovation/refurbishment, we can come for annual spring cleaning, moving in/out of the house, and after a party with your family and friends. We give neglected surfaces a fresh look that you don't have the time to provide.

    Expert Deep Clean and End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

    About Deep Clean Northampton

    If you want to find a dependable deep cleaning company in Northamptonshire, we make an important choice. Other companies in the Northampton area may offer deep-clean services, and they too have dedicated and experienced cleaners like us. However, the End of Tenancy Northampton technicians are different because they do everything within their powers to give you the promised results at affordable prices.

    The cleaners at One off Clean Northampton are hardworking, stay connected to the industry's latest improvements, and use high-quality products for cleaning. We aim to provide you with the perfect balance of price and quality. Our cleaners have rich experience and always manage new jobs. Contact us for more information about our domestic cleaning service in the Northampton area. We can send our team on any day for complete cleaning services.

    Deep Clean Northampton's main goal

    At Deep Cleaning Northampton, we have the same purpose since we've started, which is to build long-term relationships with our customers. Our customers instill us with trust and recommend us for similar services. No matter the job you hire us for, we offer consistently perfect results.

    Our cleaners at End of Tenancy Northamptonshire are skilled and pay attention to the most minute details when selecting the efficient methods and products for the job. We know which techniques and supplies make your carpet/ floors/bathroom, etc., cleaner than ever. Our cleaning services in Northampton save you time and money and put your end of lease obligations behind you. We can perform one-off cleaning services, no matter how large or small the homes are. Contact us today for cleaning properties of all sizes, office spaces, spring cleaning - whatever your cleaning requirements may be.

    End of Tenancy Cleaning Northampton - your one stop for cleaning services

    At End of Tenancy Cleaning Northampton, we clean your house as though it were our own. Our cleaners in Northampton are professionally trained and look for the most innovative cleaning techniques and products.

    We believe that moving to another home really brings a lot of stress, and you cannot find the energy for it all. Cleaning the rented house to get your deposit back is strenuous and stressful. If not done according to the landlord's standards, the risk of not getting your money back is high. Spare yourself the stress and useless work and hire our technicians for cleaning in Northampton. We can deal with any number of cleaning tasks and pay attention to every detail. We are a multi-skilled domestic cleaning company with good results and motivated staff. Our customer service is remarkable, and our prices are attractive as well. Contact us to find information about our work and get a quote for the job from a team member. Let us know your availability when asking for a quotation to come whenever is good for you.

    Hire Deep Clean Northampton for one-off deep cleaning services

    One-off deep clean is not a weekly clean, but it surpasses it. Our team in Nortmaptonshire performs one-off cleans that carefully remove deep dirt from your property. Thanks to our high-quality cleaning products and innovative equipment, we obtain fantastic cleans. We are the most reliable option in the cleaning business for spring cleaning, cleans before baby arrival, after big family gatherings, new-home parties, etc. When we're done, your living space will be pristinely clean.

    Our one-off cleans checklist includes but isn't limited to:

    • sweep the floor, wipe skirting boards
    • we clean kitchens
    • carpet hoovering
    • dusting surfaces is on our list of tasks as well
    • wipe light switches and around them
    • dust windows, blinds, sills, if possible
    • remove spider webs, wipe door handles, frames, and doors
    • wipe down the kitchen sink, tap, and remove limescale
    • clean bathrooms, wash, clean, and disinfect toilet bow, polish mirror, wash shower/bathtub, polish sink, and remove limescale
    • we perform oven cleaning
    • dust in the hallway
    • clean floors and carefully manage family heirlooms

    Great results with Deep Cleaning Northamptonshire

    We recommend our customers in Northamptonshire to hire us for deep cleaning, mainly because it prevents coronavirus transmission from surfaces in your property.

    Our technicians perform deep cleaning and leave the surfaces thoroughly disinfected and cleaned. We are detail-oriented and pay attention to traffic areas and "high touch" surfaces such as light switches and door handles.

    We follow Public Health England's guidance on cleaning surfaces with risk for Coronavirus contamination.

    In 2021, our local deep cleaning service is Covid-19 secure, and we abide by strict hygiene protocols. Our team in Northamptonshire follows intense cleaning, handwashing, and hygiene protocols and makes sure to keep the 2-meter distance during the deep cleaning services at your house.

    We take pride in always following the recommended regulations.

    deep cleaners at work

    One-off Clean Northamptonshire - our cleaning process

    At One off Cleaning Northampton, we are experienced and professional. Since our technicians get new training regularly, they can adjust the cleaning protocols to each house's specific details. We select the cleaning products according to our customers' requests and property specifics, and keep the price within budget. We use mostly non allergenic cleaning products, and our cleaning can help remove the cause for allergies. Here's how it works:

    • you call us and get a quote based on the size of your property
    • you book us for cleans, any time of the week
    • we schedule your deep cleaning/one-off clean/move out cleaning
    • we do our job according to your cleaning needs, budget, and specifications of your home
    • we perform oven cleaning and descaling for kitchen and bathroom

    The benefits you get when hiring Deep Cleaning Northampton

    We are aware that several companies offer cleans in Northampton, and we respect their work and thank them for raising the standards in cleaning. However, our Deep Cleaning Service Northampton stands out with excellent services at attractive prices. Us coming for full cleaning has many benefits and the most important ones are listed down below:

    • we can offer free quotes over the phone
    • we have competitive flat rates
    • our professional staff is fully insured, vetted, and professional
    • we use the best detergents and equipment
    • if needed, we can use eco-friendly solutions and detergents
    • we have flexible slots and are available on bank holidays, late nights, and weekends.
    • we have short-notice availability for deep cleans in Northampton
    • we improved cleaning, handwashing, and hygiene protocols due to the pandemic
    • we are the first in covering the Northamptonshire area

    Deep-Cleaning Services Northamptonshire's values

    We have been in the cleaning business for many years, and we have stayed true to the same values ever since our beginnings. People in Northampton hire us for house cleaning services because we are dedicated and determined to give the promised results as required. We manage large and small homes, and we manage both basic and complex cleans. Please contact us for further information about our cleaning in Northampton. A team member is always happy to answer any enquiry you might have and book your appointment.


    at One-off Cleaning Services Northampton, we go above and beyond to help our clients enjoy the best house/ office cleaning services every time. We pay much consideration to their requests and budget and ensure that they enjoy the experience with us from beginning to end.


    Our fully trained technicians offer cleans according to the highest professional and ethical standards in the cleaning business. We are aware of our environmental duties and strive to use cleaning products and services that don't harm the office/residential property environment. Our professional cleaning services in Northampton don't pose risks for the health of children, pets, and people with allergies. On the contrary, they will all feel so good after our deep cleaning services.


    Deep Cleaning Services Northamptonshire aims to provide you with cleaning services of the highest quality, according to people's ever-changing requests and expectations in Northampton. We also do our best to meet all regulations during our cleans. Our teams have the utmost care and attention for your property, whether it's large or small. We take pride in providing you with excellent customer service and thank you for the confidence in us. We can guarantee your satisfaction with our work!

    Northampton Cleaning Services - we are the deep cleaning experts!

    If you're looking for expert cleaning in Northampton, get in touch with our professional team at Northampton Deep Cleaning Services. We are fully insured and can help with spring cleaning, cleaning after a big party, moving in/out, student end of tenancy, and more.

    Deep cleaning services from Northamptonshire Deep Cleaning Service

    Our deep cleaning services include room by room house cleaning. Our one-off cleaners use the right detergents, methods, and equipment that are the most efficient. We consider your requests, preferences, and budget, and offer extra services such as carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Our business hours are flexible so contact our office today to set up a visit to your home. We look forward to helping you!

    Kitchen area

    The list of tasks will include:

    • polishing every countertop
    • washing and descaling sinks
    • disinfecting the floors
    • oven cleaning
    • cleaning the fridge and kitchen appliances
    • refreshing the cupboards

    Living room area

    • wiping doors, including frames and handles
    • hoovering any carpet
    • removing spider webs
    • polishing the windows
    • hoovering and mop the floor
    • cleaning the furniture
    • wiping the skirting boards
    • wiping accessories
    • wiping the light switches and around them

    Hallway area

    • wiping skirting boards
    • dusting woodwork
    • polishing the front door
    • cleaning muddy footprints
    • vacuuming any carpet
    • cleaning the wall spots


    • wiping pictures
    • cleaning lampshades
    • cleaning wardrobes
    • polishing all door handles
    • scrubbing light switches

    Bathroom area

    • scrubbing tiles
    • polishing mirrors
    • cleaning all cabinets
    • washing and disinfecting the tub, toilet bowl, shower, and floor surface
    Call us for a free no-obligation quote

    At Deep Clean Service Northampton, we want to make your house cleaner than ever. Our cleaning service exceeds your expectation, and we are your local company for thorough cleaning. Our professionally trained teams are happy to take on a new job, no matter how big or small the properties are. Please contact us for more details and a quote for the job.

    We serve all areas of Northampton:
    Abington Vale
    Collingtree Park
    Cotton End
    Cultural Quarter
    East Hunsbury
    Far Cotton
    Queen's Park
    Round Spinney
    Spinney Hill
    St. James End
    Victoria Park
    West Hunsbury
    Weston Favell
    White Hillsshire
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