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July 20, 2021

10 Tested tips for cleaning your home when freelancing

Over the last years, many people have discovered the benefits of working from home. For people who still go to the office, working from home sounds ideal: you never take your pyjamas off, you don't need to go to lunch, drive your car, and take breaks whenever you want. Even if this could be true for some, most freelancers know that it’s challenging to do your job from home. You still need to build a reputation, make new contacts, find new clients, etc.

When you stay home and do freelancing, tidying the house might not be your top priority. If you're not staying on top of cleaning, you will end up working in a dirty and messy house, which affects your morale, creativity, and productivity. When it comes to cleaning, you should aim for maintenance cleaning and not catch-up cleaning. As long as you are organized and don't postpone your cleaning chores, you should have a pleasant work environment even when working from home. Every now and then, call professionals for deep cleaning services, nevertheless. Sil All Services Northampton can come for end-of-tenancy cleaning, deep domestic cleaning, deep office cleaning, spring cleaning, after builders cleaning, etc. The following recommendations come from professionals, so try to use as many as possible.

1. General home cleaning

Since you work from home, you will need to clean more often. We recommend you plan the bigger cleaning chores such as vacuuming, deep cleaning the kitchen, washing the curtains and blinds, etc. Don’t hesitate to ask for your family members to participate in cleaning the home. If you cannot find the time for cleaning, Sil All Services Northampton professionals are always ready to help.

2. Make a schedule and plan your work time

Think about when it’s your day busiest. Try to plan the cleaning before the craziest hours of the day to have enough energy for it. You should also think about all the other things you have for the day. If you only work 10 am to 10 pm, you can use the remaining time for other things. Even if you’re tempted to work after 10 pm, keep in mind that you will be tired the next day. As long as you respect your schedule for your job, you should stick to daily cleaning.

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3. Declutter as often as possible

When you want to impress a client or complete a job asap, decluttering your living space may not be your no.1 priority. However, you shouldn’t wait until a big pile of laundry develops on your couch. Instead, you should tidy up and declutter any time you have the chance.

If you go to get a glass of water, take your coffee mug to wash it. Take a 5-minute break and pick up the dirty clothes from your bedroom and toss them in the laundry basket. While you're waiting for the soup to boil, you can take out the trash or tidy up on the kitchen counter.

4. Do the dishes after you use them

When you don’t have a dishwasher, it’s only a matter of time until your sink is filled with dirty dishes. If you work from home, the dishes will pile up in no time.

Ideally, you should clean your cutlery and plates right after using them. Washing just one item is a lot easier than a pile of dirty dishes. When you go into the kitchen, try to do things at the same time. You can, for example, wash a plate while you’re waiting for your tea to be ready.

5. Put it back in its place

One way you end up with a big pile of things on the counter, desk, or chair is you not putting back in its place the used item. If you take a book off the shelf, make the extra- effort and put it back on the shelf when you’re done with it. It’s a fundamental step to take to reduce clutter in your house.

6. Organize your work area

Organizing the working area helps you stay focused, creative, and efficient. When you work from home, keeping your work area tidy and organized is a challenge, but it’s essential for the quality of your work. If you can ask for your family to help you with the cleaning around the house, you cannot do the same for your working space. Nobody can do it instead of you.

It may sound like a lot, but 15 minutes is all you need to organize your working space every day. Put away all the papers and books you’re not using, make backups, and save all the finished files—dust or vacuum around your desk. Never leave dirty cups on your desk and take them to the kitchen when you’re done with the work. Taking all the small steps counts for a clean and tidy desk when the workday is over.

7. Have a mail spot

When you work from home, there’s a significant risk for old mail to pile up when not managed accordingly. You should make a space, especially for your mail. Try to make time and open the mail as soon as you get it. If you skip it one day, you can at least find it all in the same spot the next day. Having a designated mail spot saves you time to use for something other than hunting your mail throughout the entire house.

8. Clean the bathroom

A freelancer could spend the whole day inside and not have to leave the house. The rooms you use the most (work area, kitchen, and bathroom) get dirtier quicker than ever. It doesn’t mean that you spend the whole day cleaning the bathroom.

We recommend you take 10 minutes break and clean the bathroom after showering. The hot vapours from the running water loosen the dirt and ease the cleaning of built-in dirt, stains, and splashes. Use a sponge dipped in a cleaning solution to scrub the kitchen sink and wipe the walls. It would help reduce the risk of mould growth and condensation in your home and bathroom by wiping the bathroom after cleaning.

9. Have a laundry pause

When freelancing, you cannot postpone laundry for too long. However, unlike doing the dishes and decluttering, washing the clothes cannot be done during just one break. Whenever you take a break, add 10 minutes to sort your laundry and load the washing machine. You can also do it right before you take a shower. Set the timer so that you know exactly when your next break is going to be.

10.  Ask for help

Don’t hesitate to ask for help from the rest of the family. From sorting out the laundry to dusting the furniture and wiping the bannisters, there are only so many small cleaning chores to hand them over.

Call professionals for deep cleaning services

Sil All Services Northampton is ready to come for deep-cleaning services. Our cleaners have the skills and experience to perform end of tenancy cleaning, one-off cleans, after builders cleaning, after party cleaning, spring cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, etc. When you call us, you will get all the necessary information about our work and a free quote for the job.


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