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August 17, 2021

How to have immaculate windows

Cleaning your house is tedious work, especially since there are chores to do every day. We have to do some of these cleaning tasks daily, others weekly; there are also chores that we only need to do several times a year, such as cleaning the windows.

Many clients today hire professionals for deep-cleaning services with window washing as a cleaning chore. Sil All Services is one of the most reliable options for customers in Northampton. We perform end of tenancy cleaning, one-off cleans, spring cleaning, after party cleaning, after builders cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, domestic deep cleaning, etc. We have long lists of cleaning tasks for each of these services, with window cleaning as one of our clients' favourites. Our professionals use cleaning supplies, methods, and equipment that leave your windows impeccable and spotless. Additionally, our technicians are open and willing to share their secrets when cleaning windows. Keep reading to find out more about effective window cleaning.

What do you need?

The last thing you want is to start cleaning your windows only to realize you have to get to the store for some cleaning products. Even if none of the supplies you need is challenging to find, we advise you to make sure you have them before starting to wash your windows.

  • A wide bucket that fits your window-cleaning squeegee
  • Window cleaning squeegee

There are many sizes, qualities, and prices to choose from. However, our professionals recommend you to buy one that fits your hand perfectly. A good squeegee should have rubber, a handle, and a channel. Also, the rubber has to be easy to replace after it’s worn out.

  • Cleaning solution

You can go with vinegar, cleaning solutions you find in the store, or other DIY cleaning solutions for windows. Scroll down for our tips.

  • Microfiber cloths/old towel

Many recommend using an old towel because it doesn’t leave any traces on the windows. Use a microfiber cloth that you only use when cleaning windows.

  • Long handles and a ladder

There will be many parts away from reach, so you need a ladder and a long handle for your squeegee.

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Some tips before you begin

You don’t just go and wash your windows. Some cleaning tips from our professionals will come in handy:

  • Don’t use glass cleaners based on alcohol or ammonia. Even if these cleaners give a more intense clean, they will leave streaks and a thin film that attracts moisture and dust.
  • Start the cleaning with a solvent-based on rubbing alcohol/acetone to remove the tough spots. Wipe it dry and continue as normal.
  • Never use a razor/any other type of blade to scrape it off. You will cause permanent scratches and make the windows prone to breaking.
  • Use a soft, lint-free wipe when you rub the cleaning solution. Both a microfiber cloth and a paper towel will work.
  • Rub from multiple directions to avoid streaking
  • Rinse with clear water if you get streaks after cleaning the windows.
  • Always wash the windows on a dry and cloudy day. When it’s too hot, you will get streaks on the windows.

Use a homemade window cleaning solution

If you want to have nice windows without using harsh and chemical solutions in stores, you can always make your window cleaning solution. As with so many other things in your household, white vinegar is the go-to cleaning product to clean windows. Its acidic composition breaks down the fil that has built on your windows and glass surfaces. Here’s how to make the cleaning solution for windows:

  • Add one part white vinegar and ten parts warm water in a spray bottle
  • Use a microfiber cloth/paper towel to wipe down the window and remove the dust before you spray the cleaning solution
  • Spray the entire window
  • Use the towel to rub the homemade mixture and insist on the dirty spots on the window. Spray plenty of the mix and use it generously all over the window. Make sure not to get any of the cleaning solutions on the vinyl/fibreglass/wood frames because they can discolour the finish
  • Use another clean cloth to dry the window as much as you can. Do it right away to reduce the risk of streaks on the windows. If you have several windows to clean (which you do most of the time), you should finish washing each window before moving on to the next one.

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Use vinegar for large windows

If your windows are large and you cannot clean them with a spray bottle and a cloth, you can be more effective by using a bucket. You need the vinegar solution to be diluted, though.

Dip your sponge in the bucket and run it over the window. You need to work quickly to avoid streaking. Get a damp squeegee and wipe the solution from the windows, working from top to bottom. Wipe the edge of the squeegee clean after every swipe to eliminate dripping.

Don’t forget that washing the windows is only the first step to take; you will also have to clean the other elements of the windows, such as frames and window sills. Professionals at Sil All Services can take window cleaning out of your hands with deep cleaning services of all kinds.

The steps to take when cleaning windows

One thing that is crucial with cleaning is to be meticulous. Professionals such as Sil All Services Northampton take time and pay attention to the most minute details when cleaning. We recommend you do the same and follow the cleaning steps accordingly:

  • Remove dust and dirt

You should always begin with sweeping dirt from your window frames. You can use a brush or a vacuum with the dusting attachment on. This way, you won't have the soil turn into an unsightly mess when combined with your window cleaner. If the window screens are grimy, you should use hot water and a soft brush for cleaning. Rinse it and put it back once it’s dry.

  • Use cold water for cleaning

Don’t use hot water because it dries quickly and leaves traces on the windows. Some lukewarm water will be effective at dissolving the most difficult stains.

  • Apply the solution to the cloth

Use circular motions when wiping your windows with a wet cloth.

  • Use the squeegee correctly

You have to angle the squeegee 45 degrees towards the wet glass surfaces.

  • Wipe away the traces and residues

Traces will still occur, no matter how meticulous you are when cleaning. That’s why you need to have all the cleaning supplies within reach.

  • Use the old towel

Should you notice water residues in the bottom of your window, use the old towel to soak them. It’s where the dirt goes. Even so, you might have to use the microfiber cloth once more.

  • Check out the surface

If you notice any spots, such as insect marks or fingerprints, you need to go back and clean with the microfiber cloth once more.

Do you need professional cleaning services?

Sil All Services offers deep cleaning services in Northampton. We include window washing for end of tenancy cleaning, spring cleaning, one-off cleans, after builders cleaning, after spring cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, etc. We know how to obtain spotless and impeccable windows both inside and out. Call us for more details about our work. We can also give you a free quote for the job.

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