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August 12, 2021

5 Methods to have a Clean Oven

A grimy oven is unsightly, unhygienic, and poses a high risk for fire. The fumes from burning debris will taint your food and cleaning it will be the biggest challenge. If you’re at the end of your tenancy, a dirty oven can make your landlord refuse a full deposit returned. Sil All Services Northampton performs end of tenancy cleaning services in Northampton, and oven cleaning is on our team’s checklists. As a matter of fact, you can have the oven cleaning with any of our deep cleaning services: spring cleaning, one-off cleans, after builders cleaning, after party cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, domestic deep cleaning, etc.

We know that cleaning the oven is tedious work that requires a lot of attention, time, and effort. Our cleaners have the products, equipment, and tools to leave your oven spotless each and every time. We recommend you hire our professionals for deep oven cleaning every once in a while. Until you contact us for professional cleaning services, the following methods will provide you with good results for your oven.

1.      Cleaning with baking soda

When your oven is grimy, the first thing to do is to loosen solid food residue. The step eases out the cleaning process, and it’s easier said than done. Being meticulous pays off when cleaning, whether it’s the oven or anything else in your house.

2.       Gather your materials

Make sure you have the cleaning materials within reach:

  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • White vinegar
  • Rubber gloves
  • Cleaning rag
  • Spray bottle

3.       Remove the oven racks

You have to take the oven racks out and set them aside for cleaning. Thermometers, pans, and everything else in your oven have to go out too.

4.       Make a paste with baking soda

Mix half a cup of baking soda with half a cup of water. You need to obtain an easy to spread the paste to coat the whole oven with. If you need more paste, double the amount of baking soda and water.

5.       Apply the paste

Spread the baking soda paste all over the inside of your oven. It’s a dirty job, so make sure you wear rubber gloves. Don’t go near the heating elements and insist on the greasy spots.

6.       Wait

You need to wait for 12 hours for the paste to work; leaving overnight is ideal. It's a perfect moment to manage the oven racks. Scroll down for tips on cleaning those.

7.       Wipe off the cleaning paste

Use a damp cloth to wipe off as much of the baking soda paste as possible. Use a spatula and gently loosen the grease where the paste didn’t get the grease out.

8.       Continue with white vinegar

Spray some white vinegar from a spray bottle all over the inside of the oven. White vinegar is a fantastic cleaning agent and will make residual baking soda foam up and loosen for good.

9.       Wipe it all out

Wipe the oven clean with a damp cloth and let the interior dry entirely. Don’t forget that you also need to do the same for the oven glass.

10.       Apply the cleaning paste on the window

You need to make the same cleaning paste, spread it over the window, but leave it only for 30 minutes this time. Again, use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe it off.

Clean the oven doors and knobs with vinegar and water (equal parts). Keep in mind to spray it on the rag first and not on the knobs--- the solution could get into the control panel and short it out. That's it!

2.      Use paper towels to remove old grease stains

Paper towels are excellent in the kitchen, and you can use them to wipe fresh stains from the oven. If the stains are old, you need to step up the game a bit.

  • Mix warm water and plenty of strong dish detergent
  • Fold several pieces of paper towel tightly and deep them into the cleaning solution
  • Wring the folded paper carefully and lay it over the old grease stains
  • Let the paper towels work for a couple of houses/. The wet wipes loosen the grease and transfer the oil to the paper
  • Clean the oven once the grease is loose

3.      Clean the oven racks with dish detergent

Remember that you had to take the racks out of the oven for cleaning? To clean the oven racks, you need dishwasher granules, a bathtub/large recipient, old towels, and several old sponges. Here’s how to do it:

  • Place the old towels in the bathtub. You can also lay the old sponges in the corners so that the oven racks don’t scratch the bathtub.
  • Gently place the racks in the bathtub so that they sit on top of the towels and sponges
  • Fill the tub with hot water to cover the racks
  • Add a cup of dishwasher powder/the detergent granules
  • Let the racks soak overnight
  • Use a firm sponge to rub the stains and rinse the racks thoroughly
  • If the stains don't go away, use a dish scourer because it's more abrasive. Don't put much pressure if the racks have an enamel finish. You can also use an old toothbrush to scrub into the corners.

4.      Remove burnt food from the oven with ammonia

When you don’t have the time and energy for all that scrubbing and waiting, you can use ammonia to clean your oven.

  • Pour a half-cup of ammonia in a heat resistant bowl and place it on the top rack of your oven
  • Place a large pot filled with water on the bottom of the oven
  • Set the oven to the highest temperature, close the door, and let it heat for half an hour
  • Turn off the oven and leave the pot sit until the morning. Don’t open the door at all.
  • Leave the oven door open to air out for 20 minutes or so. If possible, you can turn on an exhaust fan or open a window to ventilate the kitchen.
  • Put on a facemask in the morning when you open the oven doors because ammonia vapours are harmful when inhaled.
  • Use warm water and strong dish detergent to wipe the inside of the oven
  • Use a paper towel to dry it all

If you have a gas oven, you have to turn off both the pilot light and the gaslight before continuing with the cleaning process. Also, you should never mix ammonia with any liquid that contains bleach because it will produce poisonous gas. Keep in mind that the ammonia solution can irritate the eyes, mucous membranes, and skin when it comes in contact with the body. Unless you are very cautious when using ammonia, we don't advise you to use this method.

5.      Use salt to remove grease stains and fresh food

Similar to other ingredients in your kitchen (white vinegar and baking soda), salt can also be used for something other than cooking.

  • Begin with setting the oven to a low temperature (257 F degrees)
  • Spray water/vinegar on the oven surface
  • Sprinkle salt onto grime and spills
  • Please turn off the oven and wait for it to cool down
  • Wipe out the salt and grime after the oven has cooled down
  • The method may not give the most impressive cleaning results with adamant and old grease stains

Why not call professionals?

If you want a spotless and impeccable oven, we recommend you contact professionals every once in a while. Sil All Services takes on many deep cleaning services in Northampton, and oven cleaning is on our task lists. If you need end of tenancy cleaning services, spring cleaning, after party cleaning, one-off cleans, after builders cleaning, etc., we are just one phone call away. We can give you details on our services and a free quote whenever you get in touch with us.

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