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July 12, 2021

10 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Professional Cleaners

Professional cleaning services represent a dependable option for people with busy family lives and working individuals. For a clean and fresh-smelling house, you should hire expert professionals on a regular basis. They have the products and methods to keep dirt and clutter at bay and create a comfortable and welcoming space for you and your family. Hiring professionals for home cleaning is easy, but do you need to prepare your living space before they come? Even if you expect the cleaners to do what they know best, should you tidy up or pick up items lying around before they start cleaning? Please keep reading to find out how to prepare your household before the professional cleaners get there.

You decide the appointment and conditions

From the moment you pick up the phone to the moment the cleaners leave the house, there are many steps to take care of. If you look for a reliable cleaning company in Northampton, Sil All Services makes for one of the most dependable choices. When you call us, one of our representatives will give you the details of our cleaning service and a free quote for the job. You will get answers to all your questions about cleaning services.

Here are some aspects to think about when booking a professional cleaning team:

  • What type of service do you need? At Sil All Services, we cover a wide range of deep cleaning services: end of tenancy, one-off cleans, spring cleaning, after builders cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, domestic cleaning, etc.
  • How many cleaning tasks do you have for the cleaners? Reliable cleaning companies such as Sil All Services use checklists for the cleaning services, and you can fill them in according to your needs and budget. We are flexible and ready to do as many cleaning chores as you want us to do.
  • Do you want the cleaners to come with their cleaning supplies and products or provide them with your chosen materials? At Sil All Services, we use commercial-grade cleaning products from the most prestigious manufacturers. Additionally, our cleaners use the most up-to-date cleaning equipment to leave the house immaculate and germ-free. However, if, for whatever reason, you want us to use your cleaning products, we kindly ask you to leave them somewhere we can find them easily. We are flexible that way!

How to prepare before the cleaners come?

Even if you hire cleaners to clean all surfaces, appliances, and areas in your home, you should ease their work and efforts. At Sil All Services, we don’t look at the watch while working but focus on cleaning, regardless of the hours we need to finish. However, our competitors and we appreciate any help that comes from clients.

1. Prepare the bedding

If you don't need to wash the bedding, you can make the bed. Please don't leave the bed unmade because it's not on cleaners' checklists to make it for you most of the time.

If you asked the cleaners to wash the bedding, please leave it somewhere easy to find. Also, leave the linens out if your cleaner has also to make the bed.

2. Communication is key

You must know precisely what you want the cleaners to do. At Sil All Services, we work with checklists that you can fill in. You decide the cleaning chores for us, and we do as asked. We value honest and open communication with you and always tell it like it is. We have team managers on-site who give you updates on how the cleaning procedures are going.

We respect your set of rules and boundaries, such as knocking before entering a bedroom or a bathroom. Since we have been in the cleaning industry for many years, we know that people have diverse cleaning requirements and needs. Upon request, we can use eco-friendly cleaning products or supply our technicians with your choice of supplies. Dependable cleaners are flexible, and so are we!

3. Tidy up

Do the little things that declutter the space. Please pick up the dirty clothes, throw them in the laundry basket, collect the gadgets and toys and any other items lying around the house. Even if you want your cleaners to tidy up the house, they may not know where to place your items.

Remember to clean off the counters in the kitchen and bathroom. It would help if you had a place for everything and put it there before the cleaners come. Even a toothbrush holder can stop a cleaner from proper cleaning, so make sure you put it up and remove any obstruction.

4. Don’t leave food and dishes

You should never leave food out, to begin with, let alone when you're expecting professional cleaners. Keep in mind that you're paying the professionals to clean the house and not to put up the food or throw away the leftovers from dinner.

5. Declutter

Look around your house and notice what clutter you need to manage. Throwing things away is easy, but you should make an effort and declutter the home so that the cleaners complete the services faster. When we say clutter, we mean blankets and clothes that you should put away before our cleaners get there.

6. Put valuables away

When you hire a reliable cleaning company, you shouldn’t worry at all about your belongings. At Sil All Services Northampton, we scrutinize our cleaners and make sure that only hardworking, honest, and respectful professionals make it to our teams. Our cleaners are vetted and have the utmost care and respect for your belongings and property. We know it’s not comfortable to have strangers in your most private space, even though it’s for cleaning services. Having said that, we want to ensure you that nothing will be missing/broken while we’re cleaning. On the off chance that something is damaged, we reimburse you because we are fully insured. Even so, we have never had to compensate our clients.

7. Keep the essential papers organized

We kindly recommend you to organize important papers and put them away before cleaners come. Should the technicians have to tidy up the house, they could mix essential papers with junk mail or even throw it away. Please organize reports and documents with files and binders. If there are important papers such as insurance papers or bills, let the cleaners know to leave them as they are. Use a paperweight so that nobody messes with the papers while cleaning.

8. Keep the kids and pets busy, if applicable

Dependable cleaners will come at a time of your convenience and strive not to disrupt your lifestyle as much as possible. At Sil All Services, we work seven days a week and on bank holidays. Should you have kids and pets when we come, please make sure that they’re busy while we’re cleaning. Our cleaners are dedicated and will try to do their best work, but it isn't easy when kids and pets are running around or getting in the way. Besides, it can be dangerous for them because we use commercial-grade cleaning equipment such as strong vacuum cleaners and steam carpet cleaners--- these are heavy and dangerous appliances. There will be many wires across the floor, and children could trip while running.

Read also: How much will you pay for professional carpet cleaning?

We trust that you are as understanding as we and will find a way to keep the kids and pets away from our cleaning procedures.

9. Leave instructions for the appliances

Good cleaners know everything about cleaning, but that doesn’t mean that they know how all appliances out there are running. If they need to clean the dishwasher, washing machine, fridge, etc., you will be of great help if you leave them instructions about using them. Do the same if you have unusual door handles, light switches, water taps, etc. We’re sure that our cleaners will figure out how they work, but they might lose precious time with something other than cleaning.

10. Be patient and polite

Not all people are as polite and respectful as our cleaners are. Verbal abuse and mistreatment by homeowners happen a lot more often than you think. At Sil All Services, we go above and beyond to provide you with excellent cleaning services each and every time, but we’re all human at the end of the day. To err is human, and even the most skilled and experienced cleaning professionals might make a mistake at some point. We guarantee that we always give the promised results. Should you hire us for end of tenancy cleaning services in Northampton, we guarantee you will get the full deposit back. No matter the service you’re hiring us for, we always deliver high-quality work!

Are you interested in professional cleaning services?

At Sil All Services, we have hardworking cleaners who cover a comprehensive range of cleaning services. We take on any cleaning job, whether it’s one-off clean, spring cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, domestic deep cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, etc. Give us a call and let one of our team members navigate you through our services and offer a free quote for the job!

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