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July 16, 2021

12 Tips To Remove Pet Hair From Clothes And Furniture

Life with pets is both fantastic and challenging. As they keep on loving us unconditionally, our furry friends fill our hearts with joy, and our sofas, clothes, and house with hair. Sure, lint rollers are the most common tool to get rid of that pet hair, lint, and fluffs. However, they can only do so much when it comes to removing pet hair.

If you have dogs and/or cats, you know that cleaning your upholstered furniture, clothes, carpets, and the house is an on-going chore. We recommend you hire professionals for deep-cleaning services from time to time. Sil All Services is one of the most reliable companies for deep cleaning services in Northampton and performs everything from end of tenancy cleaning and spring cleaning to one-off cleans and after builders cleans.

Since you cannot live with pet hair covering every surface in your home until you call in professional cleaners, you should stay on top and try some of our cleaning tips. We should begin by highlighting that static electricity and low humidity make the pet hair even more challenging to remove. As long as you can solve the two, you should be able to have a pet hair-free house for the longest time.

1. Start with your furry friend

It’s perfectly normal for healthy animals to shed their coats, but only to a specific degree. You can stay on top of excessive shedding by brushing your pet on a regular basis. We’re confident that they love every second of it (it’s always not sure with cats, though).

Your groomer and vet can give you the best recommendations to prevent excessive shedding of your pet. With some breeds such as German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever, Russian Blue, Ragdoll, or Chartreux, it will always be challenging to clean as the shedding is heavy. Here are some tips to prevent excessive shedding on your pets:

  • Make sure that your pet doesn’t get fleas, bug bites, and allergens that can irritate the skin and cause scratching
  • Use a shed-control shampoo that keeps the skin and coat healthy and prevent excessive shedding
  • Feed your pet a high-quality diet. The healthier the pet is, the healthier the skin and coat will be.

2. Have pet-friendly fabrics around the house

You may have noticed that some fabrics such as loose knits, velvet, velour, and corduroy (materials with a nap) will attract and collect pet hair more than others. At the same time, natural fibres like wool and cotton attract more pet hair than synthetic options.

Additionally, synthetic fabrics produce statics that attracts pet hair which is tricky to remove. When you look for fabrics that don’t attract and gather pet hair, leather, satin, and shiny materials make for a perfect choice. Try to use these fabrics as much as possible in your home. Go with clothes, pillowcases, rugs, curtains, throw blankets, etc., made from such materials.

3. Use a DIY tape glove

When you don’t have any other tool to remove pet hair, the tape is the go-to option. You can make yourself a glove by wrapping a long wide strap around your palm, with the adhesive side out. Remove all pet hair from your clothes and upholstered furniture with the “lint roller”. Any tape will work, but the masking tape is more effective than others. It's strong enough to collect the pet hair and the glue won't leave residues on the clothes and upholstery.

4. Wash the pet bedding often

You should wash the pet bedding as often as you can. Remember to run an extra rinse cycle to remove all pet hair from the washer. Always check the washer after washing the pet bedding. Additionally, you can add one-half cup white distilled vinegar to the rinse cycle when washing clothes. The vinegar will relax the fabric fibres and “release” the pet hair.

5. Use a portable vacuum

Portable and powerful vacuum cleaners are an excellent investment for any household, no matter if you have pets or not. Get a wet-dry vacuum cleaner that is easy to use and efficient for removing pet hair, food spills, beverages, etc.

6. Vacuum and use a wet cloth

The method is efficient for furniture and car upholstery, but not the best method for delicate fabrics and clothes. Use a damp cloth and carefully wipe the surface. Use a stiff bristle brush to collect the pet hair and make a pile of it. Continue with vacuuming it.

7. Use a clothes steamer

For woollen clothes covered with fur, you can use a clothes steamer. If you don’t have one, you can hang the clothes in the bathroom when showing and use the clothes brush afterwards. The dampness in the steamy bathroom makes the fibres relax and ease out the brushing away of the pet hair.

8. Remove pet hair with rubber

Rubber is excellent for removing pet hair, especially since you can use it in so many forms. You can put on rubber gloves, use a window-cleaning squeegee, adhesive strips, balloons, and nylon stockings. Rubber is terrific for removing short hairs of any fabric, no matter if it’s a carpet or a jacket. Any garment made of tightly woven material is easy to clean of fur with rubber.

Balloons and nylon stockings can charge statically and collect pet hair when you rub them across the affected area.

9. Install an effective air purifier

Look for a reliable air purifier that catches and removes tiny hairs and allergy-triggering particles that pets get inside the house from outside. An air purifier with a pre-filter and a HEPA layer will attract and collect pet dander, mould, pollen, dust, and various airborne pollutants. It can also remove pet odours which is a problem in households with cats.

10.  Use a dry cleaning sponge

Get a dry, dense sponge and use it to clean your coat, sofa, or other upholstered furniture from pet hair. Look for a thick sponge as it’s very efficient for pulling pet hair out of the fabric. You need to press hard, which can be difficult for some. The trick isn't ideal for cleaning carpets, but it gives excellent results for clothes.

11.  Put the clothes in the dryer

When you have to deal with large amounts of hair, you should throw the clothes in the dryer with a dryer sheet for 10 minutes. Throw a spikey dryer ball for a chemical-free solution. Its movement and the softener loosen the pet hair, which goes to the lint trap. Use a liquid water softener for the most impressive results.

12.  Use anti-static products

Anti-static products are made to clean hair and lint from your clothes, and your hair spray can do that as well. You need to spray the anti-static product/hair spray and wait until it dries completely. Brush the garment and vacuum all the lint and fur.

Do you need professional cleaning services?

At Sil All Services Northampton, we recommend you hire professionals for a top-to-bottom cleaning of your home from time to time. We are experienced, knowledgeable, and can cover a comprehensive range of deep cleaning services. People hire us for end of tenancy cleaning, and one-off cleans, spring cleaning, after builders cleaning, after party cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, etc. We clean upholstery, furniture, carpets, and every corner in your home so that everything is free of pet hair when we’re done. Call us for further details on our services. One of our representatives can also give you a free quote for the job.

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