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July 14, 2021

22 amazing cleaning hacks from the professionals!

When you want a perfectly cleaned house, hiring professionals is the best decision to make. At Sil All Services Northampton, we can come for many deep cleaning services: end of tenancy cleaning, spring cleaning, one-off cleans, after builders cleaning, after party cleaning, office deep cleaning, etc. Our professionals know everything about cleaning and are always willing to answer your questions about cleaning services. Since they’re experienced, they are ready to share with you some of the most surprising life hacks to clean your house and everything inside. Please keep reading to learn more!

What are the most surprising ways to clean everything inside the house?

Our cleaners at Sil All Services can come for deep cleaning services whenever is best for you. The following tips are for everyday cleaning chores at home and work as an alternative until you call in deep cleaning professionals like ours.

1. Use salt to cover grease stains

Just because you stain your clothes with some grease while you're at work doesn't mean you should rush to the store and get a new shirt for the rest of the day. Use some water to dampen the stain and pour plenty of salt over the stained area. Avoid rubbing and pressing and let it soak for 15 minutes. Afterwards, brush the salt off. It's not a permanent solution, but it will cover the grease stain until you wash the garment.

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2. Use olive oil for leather furnishing

You can use many products to condition and polish leather furnishings. However, when you don’t have a specialized product at home, olive oil can come to the rescue. Keep in mind that you can only use it for dark leather. Apply several drops of olive oils on a soft cotton cloth and delicately rub the surface. You can also use some colourless petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to keep leather furnishing in an excellent shape.

3. Use wine to clean wine

Red wine is one of the scariest stains of all. Surprisingly, you only need to use more wine to make the stain easy to remove. Pour a small amount of white wine or the red wine spill. Stretch the textile a bit and pour through it so that the red wine stain doesn't spread. Use cold water to rinse the fabric and eliminate the smell of wine. Finish by washing the garment as regular.

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4. Use vinegar for plastic boxes and utensils

It's common for plastic containers and utensils to get a strong food smell after some time. You don't need to throw them, but use white vinegar to remove the unpleasant odour. Fill the plastic boxes with warm water and dishwashing liquid. After you let them soak, wash them regularly. Then, fill the boxes with a solution made from 3 parts of warm water and one part of white vinegar. Let them soak for one hour and rinse afterwards.

5. Clean cookware with salt

Our cleaners at Sil All Services will manage the most challenging cleaning tasks with deep cleanings, such as cleaning all your pots and pans. Until they come, you can remove old grease, burnt milk, and scorched food on your pots and pans with some salt. Use warm water to presoak the dirty cookware and plenty of salt. Let them soak for half an hour and rinse as usual afterwards.

6. Have your porcelain shine with lemon

Tea and coffee can cause brown staining on your porcelain, but you can make them white and shiny again with some lemon. Use a lemon wedge on the brown stained porcelain and let it sit for 30 minutes. Wash them off with plenty of water when you’re done.

7. Use rice for tall containers

Bottle and tall recipients can be tricky to clean, especially if they have dried foods or liquids left inside. You only need to poor a spoon of rice inside the recipient, cold water, and a couple of drops of liquid soap. Put the lid on the bottle and shake it for 20 seconds. Rinse the bottle/tall recipient after throwing the mixture inside.

8. Clean the sponge

When left in the sink, sponges can grow a lot of bacteria. Reduce that risk by cleaning the sponges as often as possible. You can place the sponges in the microwave for 30 seconds or wash them with the dishes in the dishwasher.

9. Clean the blender

Fill the blender with some dish soap and warm water. Turn it on and allow it to run for several seconds. Use some warm water for rinsing.

10.  Use tape to remove pet hair

Pets fill our lives with joy and love and our houses with hair. Our cleaners at Sil All Services Northampton have the best methods to remove pet hair from upholstery, carpets, and areas in your home. Until you hire them, you can stay on top of cleaning and use paper tape to remove pet hair. Wrap a piece of the adhesive tape around the palm of your hand and carefully tap onto the sofa, upholstery items, etc.

11.  Remove glitter with play dough

No strong vacuum cleaner will be able to remove the annoying glitter and harmful pieces of glass. Instead, you can use play dough to collect the tiniest particles from surfaces, carpets in only a couple of seconds.

12.  Use vinegar to clean the blinds

Even if you have roller blinds that are easy to remove for cleaning, we don’t always have the time to do it. You can make a solution of equal parts water and vinegar in a bowl. Place a sock over your hand, dip it in the solution and wipe each slat of the blinds. It’s one of the most effortless ways to give your blinds a fresh and clean appearance!

13.  Remove hard water spots with vinegar

If there were just one ingredient you should always have inside your house, white vinegar would be it. As you can see, you can use it for so many things. Don't lose time with expensive cleaning products, and use vinegar to remove the hard water spots on your faucets.

You can also use vinegar to clean the bathroom, where grime and soap scum always build up. Fill a dish wand with half dish soap and half vinegar, and scrub the affected areas.

14.  Polish the stainless steel appliances with rubbing alcohol

Stainless steel appliances look elegant and modern, but they seem to attract all fingerprints in the world. You can keep them shiny by wiping them with a microfiber cloth and some rubbing alcohol. You can also add some olive oil for cleaning the surfaces.

15.  Use baking soda for a clean couch

Sil All Services Northampton cleaners have upholstery cleaning on their checklists when hired for deep cleaning services in Northampton. We recommend you hire them from time to time to give your upholstery items a fresh smell and a deep clean. However, you can use some baking soda to remove the lingering smell and break up the stains. Brush off the surface of the couch, continue with sprinkling the baking soda and wait for 20 minutes. Use the brush attachment and vacuum the baking soda afterwards.

16.  Cleaner laundry with baking soda

Baking soda is yet, another miracle solution for cleaning various items in your house. Add a cup of baking soda to your washing machine and see how your clothes become brighter than ever.

17.  Vinegar for cloudy glasses

You can have shiny glasses again with some vinegar. Use a paper towel and some vinegar to make your glasses sparkly again.

18.  Baking soda and vegetable oil for cabinet gunk

One of the many cleaning chores on our checklists for deep-cleaning services is to clean the cabinets to perfection. At Sil All Services Northampton, we spend as many hours as necessary to leave your cabinets clean both inside and out, but it all depends on the degree of dirt we find. You can make a solution of baking soda and vegetable oil and scrub all the gunk off the cabinet surfaces. It's an efficient way to make them clean until our professionals come for a one-off clean.

19.  Easy solutions for common household stains

Here are some of the most common household stains and cleaning solutions. Most of the answers are efficient for furniture and carpets as well.

  • Gravy

Use some soap and wash the stain. Repeat as many times as necessary.

  • Juice

Make a solution with one teaspoon dishwashing liquid and one cup of warm water. Blot the stain with the answer.

  • Mustard

Mustard is one of the most challenging stains. You need to apply a detergent solution several times until you remove the solids. Once it’s reduced, rinse the stain and place it in bright sunlight for drying.

  • Lipstick

Use acetone-based nail polish remover to remove the lipstick stain. You also need to wash it with a detergent solution and rinse it afterwards.

20.  Use a magic eraser on everything

Magic erasers can clean so many items in your house, such as sneakers, faucets, toilets, sinks, bathtubs, toothbrush holders, shower curtain liners, etc.

21.  Vinegar, baking soda, and water for …so many things

White vinegar, baking soda, and water make an efficient cleaning solution in so many situations. Here are some:

  • To unclog the drains

You don’t need to buy the pricey cleaning products in store. You only need to make a vinegar solution, baking soda, and boiling water and unclog the drains.

  • To clean burnt pans

The solution is fantastic because it's also helpful for cleaning burnt pans. The method of using the mixture is different from when unclogging the drains. You need to bring the water to a boil, remove it from the stove and add two tablespoons of baking soda. Let it sit for several seconds, and end with wiping the mixture out of the pan.

  • To clean the dishwasher

Food debris, soap scum, and grease will build up in your dishwasher in time. You can make the dishwasher smelling fresh and clean with a solution made of white vinegar, baking soda, and water.

22.  Water and vinegar for the microwave

Microwaves are great, but they also get dirty after some time. You can make a solution with equal parts of water and vinegar and pour it into a microwave-safe bowl. Add a small wooden item, such as a toothpick—you need to prevent boiling. Set your microwave on high for 10 minutes or so. Allow it to cool for a bit and wipe down your microwave on the inside. Use a paper towel or a sponge.

Do you want professional cleaning services?

Sil All Services Northampton is one of the most reliable companies for deep cleaning services such as the end of tenancy cleaning, spring cleaning, one-off cleans, move-in/out cleaning, after builders cleaning, etc. We are experienced and go above and beyond to ensure excellent cleaning results at competitive rates. Call us for more details and a quote for a cleaning job.

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