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July 7, 2021

New Tenant Checklist for Landlords from Sil All Services Cleaning Experts

The tenant turnover can be challenging for landlords, especially if the new tenants move in the same day the former are leaving. As a responsible landlord, you have to be organized and plan every step of the process. At Sil All Services, we want to help you with cleaning services and comprehensive new tenant checklists. The new tenant turnover can be a stress-free process when you follow our recommendations.

Our Northampton team’s recommendation on tenant turnover - here’s how to do it

Never undermine the importance of documents when renting out. At Sil All Services Northampton, we advise you to follow the following steps with your new tenants:

  • You can check the new tenant's references to make sure that they are who they say they are
  • Should you doubt the tenant's ability to meet the tenancy requirements, you should look for a rent guarantor as an additional safety net.
  • Sign the lease, which is a legally binding document with the terms of the agreement. Do it before you collect any money. Leave a copy to the tenant within 30 days of signing. Make sure that your tenant completely understands all sections of the lease contract.
  • Get the first-month rent and the security deposit.
  • Confirm the move-out date with the previous tenants and inform the new ones when they can move in.
  • Send a welcome letter to the new tenants with information on paying the rent, reporting any problems, using utilities, etc.

Sil All Services Northampton is ready to help with cleaning

You have to check out and prepare the rental, and our professionals in Northampton have prepared a comprehensive new tenant checklist for you. Keep reading for the details.

  • Examine the property and go over the move-out checklist and see if your previous tenants marked everything
  • Repair damaged beyond regular wear and tear. Your new tenants should be able to enjoy an excellent property.
  • Return the deposit to the old tenants. If you had any damage beyond regular wear and tear, you should deduct the cost from the security deposit. Remember to give the tenants a receipt for the expenses.
  • Make the needed renovations in time
  • Seek that the heating and plumbing systems are working correctly. Take meter readings before your tenant moves in.
  • Prepare and agree on inventory at the beginning of the tenancy. The list must be comprehensive, unbiased, and offer a complete description of the property's condition. Both the landlord and the tenants have to sign and agree on the inventory.
  • Make sure that the Energy Performance Certificate is up to date and give a copy of it to the tenant
  • Hire our cleaners for professional move-in cleaning services.
  • Take pictures of the property for evidence of the rental's condition at the turnover
  • Provide your tenants with contact information such as emergency contact numbers and email.

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Safety checklist for the landlords

At Sil All Services Northampton, we don't want you to take on any chances, so we help you with a safety checklist before your new tenants move in.

Change the locks

It’s crucial to change the locks before the new tenant moves in. Nobody except for the new tenants should be able to have keys to the property.

Ensure gas safety

The gas safety certificate must be up to date, and your new tenants should have a copy of it.

Electrical safety 

A registered electrician must inspect the electrical system for multiple occupations (HMO) premises every five years. The requirement isn’t mandatory for all rental premises, but it’s wise to do it anyway. As a landlord, you should run regular safety checks on electrical appliances and ensure that they all have a British Safety Standard Sign or CE marking.

Fire safety

Follow the fire safety regulations established by the British standards fundamentally and keep your property fire safe. You must seek that detectors are fitted and running at the beginning of the tenancy. There should be a smoke alarm on every floor, carbon monoxide detectors in every room with a solid fuel-burning appliance. Also, the furniture/furnishings should be flame resistant.

Keep in mind to maintain and test the fire alarms regularly. Your tenants have to know about the escape routes in case of a fire and the fire safety system.

The turnover should be pleasant

After your new tenants have picked up the keys, don’t forget to provide them with a move-in checklist. They have to fill it in and give it back in 72 hours. Once you get it back, you should examine it together and only sign it if everything is fine. Needless to say, you should keep the move-in checklist for the move-out process.

Call Sil All Services Northampton

At Sil All Services Northampton, we are ready to help you with the end of tenancy cleaning services before the new tenants move in. We want to take the cleaning out of your hands, especially if you need our services on short notice. We are flexible and work on bank holidays and seven days a week. Call us for further details and a free quote for the job.

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