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July 15, 2021

10 Surprising tips for cleaning your sofa

Coming back home after a busy day at work and relaxing on the sofa is something that many of us love. No matter the fabric is made of, your sofa needs a deep clean every now and then. Dust, dirt, pet hair, and tiny crumbs deposit on sofas, couches, and armchairs, so they need a thorough clean. Sil All Services Northampton provides deep cleaning services such as the end of tenancy cleaning, after builders cleaning, after party cleaning, one-off cleans, spring cleaning, etc. Upholstery cleaning (sofas, couches, armchairs) is on our checklists for each of these services, and we are always happy to help.

We recommend you to hire professionals for upholstery cleaning from time to time—it will make your sofa look beautiful for the longest time. Until you give us a call, you can try some of our cleaning tips for your sofa. Even if they don't make your couch look like brand new, they can still give your upholstery a fresh smell and revive its colours.

1. Vacuum your sofa

Most vacuum cleaners these days come with an upholstery attachment, so use yours to run it over the furniture gently. The upholstery attachment's bristle will remove the stuck particles and brush the sofa's fibres for a better appearance.  Cleaning is about being meticulous, so we recommend you not to rush in the process. Take it slowly and lift all cushions to vacuum underneath. Pay attention to all crevices, challenging to reach areas, corners, and folds. Should any tiny particles remain trapped in the creases of the sofa, they will damage the fabric in time and shorten your sofa’s lifespan.

Some people think leather and faux leather sofas don’t need vacuuming, but they couldn’t be more wrong. All sofas require vacuuming from time to time. Dust and dirt make the upholstery lose its initial beauty and look dull.

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2. Use baby wipes to clean the furniture

When you want to give your sofa a quick touch, baby wipes are incredibly efficient. You should always start by testing the wipes on an inconspicuous area to make sure you're not damaging the fabric. Baby wipes clean cotton, leather, and polyester upholstery; the gentle mixture of water and soap doesn’t contain much moisture. We recommend you keep a pack of baby wipes at hand in the living room; it’s great for instant spot removal whenever a spill occurs. You can use baby wipes for spot-cleaning rugs as well. As long as you remove the stain the moment it happened, you can get results even with baby wipes.

3. Take care of the cushions

Even if you don’t have many guests, the sofa will still be the most used piece of furniture in your home, especially in cold and bad weather. With such wear and tear, you shouldn’t be surprised if your couch loses its shape sooner than expected. Taking care of the cushions and preventing them to become baggy is crucial for the lifespan of your couch. When you’re vacuuming the sofa, you should also flip the cushions. Rotate them and change their places, if applicable. It’s an important step to help your sofa look nice for a long time.

4. Prevent the stains

Some sofas are made with pretreated fabric that repels stains. If your sofa doesn't come with such material, you can apply a fabric protector or have professionals do it for you. Keep in mind that such treatments don’t last forever, so ask the manufacturer how often to re-apply the stain protector. Typically, you will need to do it every few years. Having the sofa treated against stains will help it last for decades.

5. Always manage the spot and spills right away

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to upholstered furniture is not cleaning the spots/spills the moment they happen. At Sil All Services Northampton, we understand that it's not ideal to return home after a hectic day and clean the sofa after some ketchup splash. However, we strongly recommend that you use your remaining energy and remove them. If you manage the spill right away, the risk for the splash to become a permanent stain dramatically decreases. Make sure that you use the appropriate cleaning product for your sofa.

6. Use baking soda

Baking soda is one of those unique ingredients that you must have in your home at any given moment. To remove unpleasant smells and loosen the stains, you can sprinkle baking soda over the whole couch.

Baking soda is so great that you can also use it to clean deeply set stains. Mix equal parts baking soda and water in a bowl. Let the baking soda sit for 20 minutes or so on the stain. Once the stain has completely absorbed the baking soda, you can easily vacuum it away with the brush attachment. Needless to say, always begin with a test on a small area before cleaning the couch altogether.

7. Always check out the codes for cleaning

Good upholstery comes with the manufacturer's instruction and fabric cleaning code to keep in the best condition. "W" means that you can use a water-based cleaning solution, so you can remove and place the cushion covers and launder them in the washing machine. You will need to use non-water based solvent (alcohol is one) for "S” fabrics. Spray it lightly and use a clean white cloth/sponge to blot it. “S/W” means that you can use both water and solvent, whereas “X” means that you need to call the professionals for cleaning. Please feel free to contact our team at Sil All Services Northampton. We are experienced and know which methods, products, and tools are most suited for any fabric and sofas.

8. Remove pet hair

Pet owners have a hard time saying “no” to their pets when it comes to them snuggling on the couch. If you’re one of them, you need to clean the sofa accordingly. Put on some rubber gloves and run them over the couch. This trick creates static that pulls the pet hairs off to the edge of the piece, allowing you to vacuum it. Mix some water and a bit of fabric softener to make a DIY static spray. Spray the mixture on your sofa, and use a cloth to wipe it off. Furniture brushes and hand vacuums made to remove pet hair are also of great help.

9. Air-dry the sofa

After cleaning your sofa, you should pat down wet areas with a dry towel to soak up the left moisture. You should also brush off any remaining cleaning solution. Keep in mind to always leave the sofa air dry overnight so that it looks nice and smells fresh in the morning!

10.  Place your sofa in a shady spot and away from heat

Sun and heat can alter the appearance of your sofa, and make the colour fade, bleach, and dull. Also, heat from fireplaces, radiators, and pipes can dry out the fabric and cause warping. When you look for the best spot for your sofa, consider these aspects. Excessive sunlight and heat sources will cause irreparable damage to your sofa, and no professionals will be able to revive it.

Are you looking for professionals?

Sil All Services Northampton takes on many cleaning services, such as the end of tenancy cleaning, spring cleaning, one-off cleans, move-in/out cleaning, after builders cleaning, etc. Upholstery cleaning is on our checklists for these services, and we can make your sofa cleaner than ever before. When you give us a call, one team member can provide you with the details of our work and a free quote for the job.

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