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July 20, 2021

The 12 Ultimate Principles to use When cleaning your home

Having a nice and clean home takes regular effort and time, which many people tend to lack due to their busy lifestyles. Every now and then, we recommend you hire professionals for deep-cleaning services. Sil All Services Northampton can come and execute end of tenancy cleaning, spring cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, after builders cleaning, after party cleaning, one-off cleans, etc.

When you want to do the regular cleaning yourself, some general tips will be beneficial to get the best cleaning results. Our professionals share their most valuable recommendations for keeping your home safe and clean on a regular basis.

1. Learn the terminology

You don’t need to go behind the chemistry of cleaners, especially since the mode of action is paramount to understand. Some surfactants will remove grime and dirt from a surface, whereas others can chemically disrupt the cell walls of bacteria and viruses and kill them. Keep in mind that they require mixing with water and balanced with water softeners, pH adjusters, and other ingredients to remove the germs safely.

Back in the day, surfactants were made from oil sourced from petroleum. Today, plant-based surfactants are just as efficient and safer than petroleum-based options.

2. Commercial cleaners aren’t all harmful

Even if many commercial cleaning products are strong, it doesn’t mean that they’re all harmful. As a matter of fact, chlorine bleach and ammonia can be more dangerous than some oxygen-based and sulphite-based detergents and cleaners—as long as you take all the safety measures.

To stay on the safe side, buy commercial detergents with neutral pH, non-hazardous, non-irritating, low in VOCs. Ideally, get biodegradable cleaners.

3. Understand the methods

We cannot have home cleaning without chemistry, and physics comes into play as well. You have to select the best method, products and apply the proper amount of force when scrubbing. If you begin with a surfactant that decreases surface tension and breaks down the stain, you have to use the best tool for scrubbing the stained area. The cleaners at Sil All Services Northampton are skilled and know which tools and equipment to use for best cleaning results. You can understand why the proper technique can make a difference with cleaning.

Don’t forget that some surfactant-containing formulas will give better results than others. Some surfactants can be more efficient for some stains, but typically, they break down similar things. The time they need for work and the balance can make the differences.

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4. Do due diligence with cleaning

Since harsh chemicals can cause allergies, it’s understandable why people look for less harsh cleaners. Lemons, white vinegar, baking soda, natural oils, and salt make for some of the most popular ingredients for house cleaning. Rest assured that, when not used right, these products can also cause allergies and harm your health and well-being. Moreover, not all DIY recipes are appropriate for all sorts of stains and surfaces.

5. Cleaning isn’t disinfecting

Cleaning and disinfecting don’t mean the same thing, and you should always clean before disinfecting. Washing away the harmful/infectious material before applying the disinfectant will break up and remove the pathogens on the surface.

Some disinfectants require application and removal with a cloth, whereas others need applying and soaking for some time. Always go over the instruction for your cleaning product.

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6. Have a system

Most of us avoid cleaning because we don’t have the time to execute all cleaning chores. If you have a system, you can reduce that time in half. You should make a cleaning routine: clean your home in the same order every time, work one room at a time, start and finish at the same spot in a room so that you don’t go back and forth over and over again.

Being consistent is one of the crucial qualities when cleaning. You do the same cleaning task every time until it becomes a habit. The routine itself works as a method that gives you speed when cleaning your home. Don't rush the cleaning process; when you clean the house, in the same way, each and every time, you can cut the time in half.

7. Clean left to right, top to bottom

Don’t go in a room dusting the table and wiping the blinds next—dust will fall from the blinds right on your recently cleaned table.  Always begin at the top of the room and work your way down to the floor.

You want to go as efficiently as possible, so clean left to right to have an order. When you lack a system, you take a look at the lampshade, dust it, observe the blinds, wipe them, etc. If you consistently work top to bottom and left to right, you will be effective and clean surfaces just once.

8. Use mild cleaners as often as possible

Even if the stains are old and thick, you don’t always need to use harsh chemicals. Sometimes, baking soda, white vinegar, and soap can give results. It may take you more time than with other methods because soaking may be necessary. Try your best to only use harsh cleaning products for the most challenging cleaning jobs.

9. Read the labels

If you use cleaning products from the store, make sure that you select the right cleaning product every time. Be safe when the labels contain words such as “warning”, “dangerous”, or “caution”. Store the cleaning products in their original recipients and label any DIY cleaning products you make. Put the DIY cleaning products in dry and clean recipients.

10.  DIY cleaners can also be toxic

Just because you use a DIY cleaning product made with natural ingredients doesn't mean it cannot risk your safety and health. When using powerful ingredients, put on a face mask, gloves, and take any necessary safety measures. Leave the windows open when cleaning because some DIY recipes generated toxic gases as well. For instance, bleach and ammonia can always cause harmful vapours.

11.  Watch out for bacteria in the food preparation area

Antibacterial soaps are effective, but overusing them can affect your health when cleaning with toxic chemicals--- not all microorganisms are harmful to us. Use antibacterial cleaners when cleaning the cooking areas and when cooking poultry, eggs, and raw meat. Make sure to use antibacterial products if someone is ill in the house. Never use toxic cleaning products for the cooking areas.

12.  Speed clean on a regular basis

If you are determined to clean as fast as possible, you should strive to clean more often. After a deep cleaning service, clean the entire home every couple of weeks. It's an important step to have a lovely looking home and spare you the effort of deep cleaning. You should aim for maintenance cleaning and not for catch-up cleaning.

Extra tip

When you use strong cleaners, you should use clean water to rinse the cleaned surface. Always wash your clothes, hands, and tools after cleaning. Gather all detergents and place them out of reach of children and pets. Look for eco-friendly cleaning products if you have small children, people with allergies, and pets.

Do you want professional help?

We’re confident that you stay on top of cleaning with regular housekeeping, but we’re ready to give you a hand with deep cleaning services. Call us if you need end of tenancy cleaning, one-off cleans, spring cleaning, after builders cleaning, after party cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, etc. Give us a call to learn more about deep cleaning and to receive a free quote for the job from one team member.

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