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July 20, 2021

15 Things We forget to clean on a regular basis

You don’t need to be a professional cleaner to know that the bathroom, kitchen, toilet, shower, and sink need cleaning almost daily. When it comes to regular housekeeping, cleaning these areas is mandatory as they make for the germiest places in your home. Sadly, there are plenty of other things and areas that collect just as many germs like these, and we often forget about them when cleaning. Whether you only clean them from time to time, not enough, or not at all, the following things and areas need your attention a lot more often than you think.

We recommend you hire professionals for deep-cleaning services every once in a while. Sil All Services Northampton performs a wide range of such services: end of tenancy cleaning, spring cleaning, after party cleaning, after builders cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, domestic deep cleaning, etc. We will clean everything and every surface in your home and leave it spotless and immaculate. Rest assured that we don’t leave any stone unturned when cleaning. Until you book us for deep cleaning services, you should check out our list of things/areas most people skip when cleaning. It’s an important step to take for a hygienic and impeccable household.

1. The kitchen sponge

Do you ever clean the kitchen sponge? If not, we should remind you that the kitchen sponge is one of the dirtiest objects in your house. It seems that kitchen sponges grow high bacterial diversity, and the issue is more severe than thought. You must always rinse the sponge after using it. Scientists recommend boiling or microwaving the sponge after every use to reduce the risk of bacteria growth. If you ask us, we simply recommend you change the sponge every week.

2. Handles and knobs in the kitchen

Professional cleaners pay attention to the most minute detail when cleaning. At Sil All Services Northampton, we clean touch-point surfaces such as handles and knobs in the kitchen. These get dirty, especially in the kitchen, where we cook and use so many products. Even if we wipe the counters and clean the sink, we almost never sanitise the handles in the kitchen.

We recommend you wipe all handles and knobs around the house, especially in the kitchen after cooking. It’s a fundamental step to take to reduce the spreading of bacteria. To stay on the safe side, clean everything you touch regularly in the kitchen once a week.

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3. The coffee maker

We use the coffee maker every day, but we barely remember giving it a deep clean. Similar to other appliances that use water, the coffee maker’s reservoir may develop mould. You should include its cleaning in your weekly cleaning checklist. Some dishwashing liquid is enough to clean the reservoir. Rinse it thoroughly.

4. Water and fridge filters

Even if your fridge has a water filter, you need to change it as often as possible. Replace the water filter every six months, depending on how often you use them. Even if you’re not using the water from the fridge, somebody else could, without knowing that the water is contaminated.

5. Doorknobs and light switches

We may not be aware of it, but we touch doorknobs and light switches many times while at home. Many of us will clean and sanitise the doorknobs and light switches during a spring cleaning. However, we should wipe them as often as possible to reduce the risk of bacteria spreading.

You don't need to buy the sanitisers in stores, but make one of your own. You can dilute some tea tree oil in rubbing alcohol. Tea tree oil has natural disinfecting abilities, and it's an essential ingredient for many DIY cleaning solutions.

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6. The showerhead

You have to wipe down the showerhead every two weeks and have professionals deep cleaning twice a year. It's unnecessary to remove the showerhead to clean it or use the pricey cleaning products in store. There are plenty of cleaning solutions for regular use that give good results with the showerhead as well.

7. The laundry hamper

If you use a laundry hamper made of plastic, you don’t need to do much cleaning. Simply wipe it down every now and then. However, you will need to do more than that with a fabric-lined hamper. Take the liner out and wash it on a delicate cycle to eliminate unpleasant smells and grime.

8. Shower curtains

Shower curtains will collect all sorts of mildew because the bathroom is a moist environment. You should clean the curtains with baking soda or simply put them in the washing machine any now and then.

9. Trash cans

Sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom of the trash cans to get rid of the lingering smells. You also have to wipe them down from time to time to remove stickiness/spillage.

10.  Air conditioning filter

Whether you use the air conditioning unit all year round or only for the summer, you probably don't clean it as you should. Dusting the air conditioning unit every once in a while isn’t enough. You also need to clean the filter and make sure that dust and dirt don’t get inside. Otherwise, the unit won’t heat/cool correctly nor filter the air. Your air conditioning unit will wear, tear, and even break down.

With new models, it's straightforward to clean the filter. Use the vacuum to collect the dirt and dust, and soak it in warm soapy water before drying and replacing the filter.

11.  Keyboard, mouse, and tablet

Recent studies revealed that computer keyboards have up to three times more bacteria than toilet seats. It’s shocking to many, but think about how often you use the computer without washing your hands first. Even if you wash your hands, the natural oils in your skin (beneficial to keep them moisturised) will end up on the mouse, keyboard, and your mobile's screen. You want to avoid gastrointestinal infections and keep your electronic devices as clean as possible.

Make sure that you clean your computers, laptops, and other electronic devices regularly. We know that it's tricky to clean some electronic devices, but don't forget about it.

12.  Remote controls

Don't forget to clean the remote controls in your home every once in a while. You have to remove batteries if you spray directly onto the remote. Stay safe and use a microfiber cloth to clean the remote controls in your home.

13.  The top half of any room& walls

Anything above eye level (tops of cabinets, ceiling fans, etc.) is typically skipped when we dust around the house. When you hire professionals such as Sil All Services Northampton, cleaning chores such as removing cobwebs, cleaning ceiling fans, walls, etc., are on our checklists for deep-cleaning services.

Meanwhile, you should shut off your ceiling fans and wipe them down with a microfiber cloth. Clean the top of your cabinets and a flat mop with a dry microfiber head to clean all corners of the ceilings.

As for walls, you can use a floor mop. Attach a dry cloth to the rectangle end and press it along the walls. You don't need a ladder for the job, mainly if you use a long mop.

14.  Toothbrush Holder

Bathrooms are humid environments that are ideal for bacteria to grow and develop. Many of us clean the sink and the tiles almost every day. However, many of us will forget about cleaning the small accessories, such as soap holders and toothbrush holders. We do rinse the toothbrush after each use, but droplets of water will fall and attract microbes. Keep in mind to thoroughly wash the toothbrush holder every now and then with warm water and a strong detergent. If the holder withstands high temperatures, you can always wash it in the dishwasher.

15.  Bowls and toys of your pet

If you have pets, you know that there's a lot of work to keep them healthy. Many pet owners only rinse the food and water bowls after each use. Some will wash them with detergent once a week. Luckily, our furry friends have different immune systems than humans, and their protection against bacteria is more efficient than humans. At the same time, we enjoy our snuggles and kisses from our furry friends; it’s how bacteria will end up in our faces.

You should clean your pet's food and water bowls once a day and the toys once a week. It's for your health and wellbeing.

You can always call the professionals!

Sil All Services Northampton is ready to take on any deep cleaning job, regardless of the house's size or the job's complexity. We offer excellent and many cleaning services: one-off cleans, after party cleaning, after builders cleaning, spring cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, etc. We are experts in deep cleaning, and we pay attention to the most minute detail. Call us for further information about our cleaning tasks and get a free quote for the job.

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