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July 30, 2021

15 things to do to prevent a flu outbreak at home

If you or someone in your family has the flu, you need to take all safety measures to reduce the risk of flu spreading to the other family members. Hygiene is crucial to prevent the flu from spreading, and you should pay attention to the most minute detail while cleaning your home.

Sil All Services Northampton provides you with deep cleaning services that take many forms: end of tenancy cleaning, one-off cleans, after builders cleaning, after party cleaning, spring cleaning, domestic deep cleaning, etc. Call professionals for deep-cleaning services every few months and follow their recommendations to prevent flu or Covid-19 outbreaks at home.

1.      Clean the food preparation areas and kitchen surfaces

If any family member is home sick with the flu, you should wipe down the kitchen counters, drawers, and cabinets used frequently. Clean the handles and doors with sanitizing products; you can also steam-clean the sink and counters.

It's crucial to limit access to sick people from high-traffic areas such as kitchen and food preparation areas.

2.      Wash cutlery and dishes

When someone in the family has the flu, you have to use the highest temperature setting while they’re sick at home. Always wash the dishes they have used separately and keep the other family members’ cups, plates, and cutlery aside from theirs.

Boil or steam clean the dishes that the sick person uses. Additionally, you can have a dining set exclusively for the flu sufferer until they’re out of the woods.

3.      Wash the bed linens and towels

Washing hands correctly is one way to deter bacteria, especially during the flu season. Another measure to take is to change towels as often as possible, especially if someone in the family has the flu. Make sure that the sick person uses his hand and body towels and change these every day.

It's easier to use hand towels in the flu season because damp towels make the perfect environment for germs and bacteria growth. Always set the washing machine to the highest setting when washing the towels and bed linens that the sick person has used.

4.      Wipe the high-touch points and surfaces

Light switches make for some of the objects we don’t realize we use and skip from cleaning. Contrary to popular belief, microbes will survive in humid conditions and on hard non-porous surfaces. Having said that, you should wipe down high-touch surfaces as often as possible with a cloth dipped in disinfecting solution.

If possible, run steam onto the objects and surfaces that everyone touches to reduce the risk of flu spreading. When cleaning the house, always pay attention to handles, light switches, bannisters, doorknobs, etc.


5.      Use the appropriate detergent

Any disinfecting product that supposedly eliminates the flu virus has to be approved by the regulatory institutions. Some of these products can efficiently kill over 99% of the flu virus that lives on household surfaces and objects. Always read and follow the directions on the labels when using such products. Disinfectant cleaners and disinfectants are the only products that kill germs, but only if you follow the instruction when using them.

6.      Wash the mops

Don’t spread the germs around the house when mopping the floors. Make a cleaning solution with ¼ cup bleach and one-gallon water, dry thoroughly and store it for future use. Keep in mind that wet mops can develop mould and mildew and pick up germs and dirt. Always dry them thoroughly.

7.      Change the vacuum bags

If you use a vacuum cleaner with disposable bags, you should change them as often as possible when someone in the house has the flu. It's an important method to ensure that you get rid of all contaminants and germs you've picked up when vacuuming.

8.      Clean the garbage cans

When someone in your family has the flu, the risk for you to have all kinds of contagious things in the house is significant. Once you have emptied the garbage can, steam cleans the recipient with your portable steamer. You can also spray the bin with a powerful disinfectant, leave it for several minutes to work, scrub, and rinse thoroughly afterwards.

9.      Disinfect the workplace

Even if the sick person doesn’t get to your workplace, you should use antibacterial wipes to clean your hone, keyboard, and pens.

10.  Disinfect the electronic devices

Everything from phones to remote controls requires thorough cleaning. When someone with the flu sneezes, touches or coughed on the phone, the risk for the next person using it to get sick is high. Use antiviral wipes to clean the phones and electronic devices as often as possible.

11.  Clean toothbrushes

Boil the toothbrushes in water and vinegar for one minute. As an alternative, you can wash in the dishwasher or get a new one.

12.  Wash sheets, blankets, and pyjamas

When sick, we spread viruses every time we sweat, sneeze, and cough—germs can cover everything we wear or touch. You need to change and wash the sheets, pyjamas, and blankets at the highest possible temperature that the fabric allows. As long as you don’t overload the washer, you can also wash pillows in the washing machine.

13.  Clean the mattress

Having a fever is pretty standard when you have the flu, and the sweat from it will go straight to the bed linens and onto the mattress. You should clean the bedding after the sick person recovers; consider steam cleaning the bedding and air dry it.

Don’t forget that sheets and blankets can also get covered in viruses and change/wash them often when someone in your home has the flu.

14.  Clean the bathroom and toilet

Bathrooms and toilets require effective cleaning and disinfecting during and after the person has recovered. Don’t rush when cleaning the faucets, sinks, showerhead, and toilet bowl. Steam cleaning these surfaces is the most efficient and fastest way to kill bacteria. Otherwise, you can spray them all with disinfectant, let it work for a few minutes, and rinse with hot water.

15.  Clean toys and stuffed animals

When kids are in bed with the flu, stuffed animals bring them comfort, so always wash them after the illness is gone. Most stuffed animals can be machine washed with other bedding. Steam cleaning the stuffed toys is also a solution, especially when you fear the toys won’t survive the washing machine. Use steam cleaning for hard toys to kill all germs on the surface. As for wooden and plastic toys, you can safely wash most of them in the dishwasher.

Are you looking for professional cleaning services?

When someone in your home is down with the flu, you need to step up your game with cleaning your home. Once the flu season is gone, you can call professionals for deep-cleaning services. Sil All Services Northampton takes on any job as it covers a comprehensive range of cleaning services. End of tenancy cleaning, spring cleaning, one-off cleans, after builders, cleaning, etc., are some of our top-rated services. Call to get a free quote and to make an appointment.

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