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July 27, 2021

Professional Antiviral Sanitization is beneficial. Here's why!

It has been more than a year now since COVID-19 changed our lives. We have all suffered because of it, and, slowly, we have struggled to find a rhythm in our forever changed lifestyle. Now, more than ever before, we comprehend that it’s essential to have a perfectly cleaned home at any given moment. If we never used professional cleaning services in the past, many of us have shifted and started hiring experts for deep cleaning.

Sil All Services represents one of the most reliable companies for antiviral sanitization services in Northampton. We take on any job, regardless of the type of space and job complexity. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, some people still hesitate on hiring professionals for such services. The following information will be more than helpful.

What is antiviral sanitization?

Even if masks, gloves, and hand washing are widely used, they’re not enough to stop the spreading of the virus. Covid-19 virus, similar to other tiny microorganisms, is difficult to remove because it can survive on various surfaces for many hours. With antiviral disinfection, though, our chances to reduce the spreading increase substantially. Keep in mind that Covid-19 can stay on stainless steel, copper, cardboard, and plastic for up to 76 hours.

Antiviral sanitization is the kind of cleaning that removes as many parasites as possible. Currently, the virus has spread worldwide, and each of us looks for the most effective methods of protection for our family members, friends, and family. We all want to reduce the contamination risk to a minimum.

Our professionals at Sil All Services are in the know about the most up-to-date methods of antiviral sanitization. We are experts in deep cleaning and can perform a wide range of such services: end of tenancy cleaning, spring cleaning, after party cleaning, after builders cleaning, one-off cleans, move-in/out cleaning, office deep cleaning, etc.

Why hire professionals for antiviral sanitization?

There are several aspects fundamental to antiviral sanitization:

  • Use of professional cleaning equipment and best cleaning products
  • Follow the BS EN 1276- the European standard of bactericidal activity of chemical disinfectants. Our professionals use the most effective methods to kill hepatitis, salmonella, MRSA, SARS, E-coli, T.B., HIV (AIDS), Flu virus, and Influenza A.
  • Attention to the most minute detail when cleaning
  • Cleaners who follow most strict hygiene protocols such as frequent hand washing, keeping the 2-meters safety distance while cleaning, wearing face masks and gloves.
  • The professional cleaners are vetted and experienced. When you hire Sil All Services Northampton for any deep cleaning service, you can add antiviral sanitization on their checklist. Our technicians are responsible and place clients' health in the first place.
  • Specialized cleaners will focus their attention and efforts on high-touch surfaces and high-traffic areas in households and office buildings. At Sil All Services Northampton, we will disinfect bannisters, handrails, door handles, hallways, etc. Everything will be germ-free when expert cleaners are done.
  • Professionals use cleaning methods to kill 99.9999% of bacteria

What are the main benefits of professional antiviral sanitization?

The market gives you numerous antibacterial cleaners to use for your home, but you shouldn’t take any chances when it comes to the health of your family members, colleagues, and friends. Sil All Services Northampton provides you with a wide range of deep cleaning services, and antiviral sanitization is on the checklists of these services. When you hire us for end of tenancy cleaning, spring cleaning, one-off cleans, move-in/out cleaning, etc., you should select antiviral sanitization as one of our cleaning chores. Here are the main benefits of such a cleaning service:

You save time and effort

Even if you are meticulous, we don’t recommend you disinfect your household on your own because it’s a tedious and time-consuming task. Experienced cleaners such as those at Sil All Services Northampton work fast and efficiently. They have rich experience, knowledge, and the most up-to-date cleaning equipment.

Professionals kill bacteria

When you hire specialized technicians, rest assured that they will give the promised results. Trust professionals at Sil All Services Northampton as they leave no stone unturned when cleaning. They remove dirt, bacteria, and dust from the most difficult to access crevices. Professional antiviral disinfection is more than deep cleaning because it ensures a clean and healthy environment.

You save money

Sil All Services Northampton offers antiviral sanitization at competitive rates. If you want to clean yourself, you will need to purchase expensive cleaning equipment and products. Assuming that you know how to use all of them, you will lose a lot of time, money, and effort to attempt sanitizing your household. With all due respect, you will most likely not obtain the same results as professionals.

Professionals offer expert-level cleaning

One of the biggest challenges with COVID-19 and other bacteria or viruses is the ability to survive on many surfaces for a very long time. It goes without saying that you need to read a lot and have expert cleaning skills to kill bacteria and viruses. Despite your attention to detail and determination, you don’t have the knowledge or the cleaning skills of professional cleaners.

Professionals have in-depth knowledge and select the most effective methods to clean various bacteria from various surfaces. Additionally, they regularly get professional training on the latest cleaning protocols.

Professionals don’t cause any damage

Unlike you, who are using strong cleaning products for the first time, professionals have been in the cleaning business for many years. At Sil All Services Northampton, the cleaners have the utmost care and respect for clients’ belongings and make sure to clean without damaging any surface, object, carpet, etc.

Professionals work on standard checklists

Reliable cleaners work with checklists that clients can adjust to their specific cleaning needs, preferences and budget. Sil All Services Northampton doesn’t make an exception.

What to expect with a professional antiviral sanitization?

Professionals at Sil All Services go to great lengths to provide you with excellent cleaning services at affordable rates. Our cleaners have the skills, experience, equipment and supplies to perform professional antiviral sanitization when cleaning:

  • A rental
  • A household
  • Apartment
  • Office
  • Any building
  • Cars, walls, carpets, high-touch areas, tables, desks, furniture, etc

Don’t hesitate to choose the cleaning services most suited for your cleaning needs. Reliable cleaners such as those at Sil All Services Northampton adjust the cleaning services to customer’s requests. Combine antiviral sanitization with carpet, upholstery cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, spring cleaning, one-off cleans, etc. Most experienced cleaners will leave all surfaces germ-free and reduce the risk of COVID-19 contamination to a minimum.

Hire the professionals!

Sil All Services is the go-to company for many people for deep cleaning services in Northampton. We are experienced and perform antiviral sanitization as part of our numerous deep cleaning services: end of tenancy cleaning, spring cleaning, one-off cleans, etc. When you give us a call, you get all the answers you need about our methods and a free quote for the job.

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